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One-On-One Time….This One Is For You Parents

Youth Hockey tips

Former Chicago Wolves Coach, Don Granato and his five siblings, played many sports while growing up.  However, it was their love of hockey that survived.  As Mom of these die-hard hockey fans, I want to share my insight on how hockey translates to family fun.




Did you ever count the hours you spend driving back and forth to your child’s sporting events?  Why not use this as quality one-on-one time with your hockey player and/or their siblings.

Talk the idea over with your spouse. Support each other in this endeavor.  Schedule this individual time by noting it on the calendar. 


  1. Engineer a time to be alone with each child at least once a month if possible.
  2. Tell your child of your plans.  He gets you all to himself to talk about whatever he wants…. sports, music, school, etc.
  3. Plan to be “in the moment.” Unless you are a doctor or in the midst of a crisis, TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE.
  4. Be sure to explain this time is confidential.   It is safe to say whatever she wants.  It is between you, the parent, and her.  (Ask if it’s okay to share with other parent.) It is not for another sibling, friend, teammate or coach to know the discussion unless she specifically says it’s okay.  
  5. This time is NOT about YOU.  Humble yourself and LISTEN to your child.
  6. Try easy, non-judgmental conversations.  Let the child set the pace.  Resist the urge to pressure or push your point of view.
  7. Try to learn something new about your child each time.  Give him or her credit for enlightening you. Use phrases such as:  “Wow, I never knew that.”  “How awesome!”
  8. This is the perfect time to let your child know that you are proud of him for WHO HE IS.  


Every kid wants his or her parent’s undivided attention on a regular basis.  This time is not just a privilege, but also a necessity that benefits both parent and child.  It is a way to build strong bridges that span the gap between generations.  Way to go!  You are all set to succeed.  Now get going and have a fun season!   And don’t forget, GO WOLVES !!!

Wolves head coach, Don Grantao, with his mom, Natalie.Natalie Granato is the mother of former Wolves Coach Don Granato.  A true Hockey Mom in every sense of the word, Natalie has attended thousands of games while parenting her six children, four of whom play hockey.  From the small outdoor rinks that her kids skated on to the International and Professional games she’s attended, nothing thrills Natalie more than to share her family’s love of hockey with others.  Write Natalie@usamom21.com with your comments.









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